Attention-Loving Trump Continues To Bash “The Media”

While the Trump White House seems to have made Media bashing one of the organizing principles of the Donald Trump presidency, behind the scenes there is an oftentimes contradictory reality. According to a recent Politico article, the Trump administration yearns for and promotes any positive press they receive from the very outlets they continually seek to discredit. In fact, the White House even pays a staffer $89,000 a year to spot and distribute positive stories from the mainstream media. The so-called White House director of rapid response, Andy Hemming, spends his days immersed in cable television, Twitter, print and online media to weed out positive Trump stories, which he then blasts out to his list of more than 1,000 influencers, including reporters and TV talking heads — hoping to manicure the overall narrative of the Trump presidency.


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