Donald Trump The problem is, there aren’t enough police

Donald Trump The problem is, there aren’t enough police, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to supporters at a rally in West Bend, Wisconsin Tuesday evening. In his “Law and Order” speech, Trump touched on issues including recent violence between protesters and police in Milwaukee. “The problem is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there aren’t enough police. More law enforcement, more community involvement and more policing is what our country needs desperately. Just like Hillary is against the miners, she is against the police.

Donald Trump on Tuesday night made his most explicit appeal for the votes of African-Americans to a nearly all-white crowd in a Wisconsin county where the black population is just 1.2 per cent.

‘I am asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different future,’ Trump told a crowd of enthusiastic supporters in a speech where he also charged Hillary Clinton with ‘bigotry.’