National Park Service Trying To Block Protests At Trump Inauguration

Thousands of women have made the pledge to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration next month, but potential protesters are running into issues with the National Park Service. Issues some organizers are calling “an illegal abridgment of First Amendment rights.”
The protesters had planned to gather and demonstrate at the Lincoln Memorial, and then participate in what’s been called the Women’s March.
The National Park Service has filed a blocking permit for the Lincoln Memorial, Pennsylvania Avenue and the Washington Monument, all popular protest sites.
“This is always the way it happens,” said a spokesperson for the Park Service.
But at a press conference, attorney and leader of the Partnership For Civil Justice Fund Mara Verhayden-Hilliard told reporters, “This is an extraordinary land grab. It’s having, I think, the intended stifling effect. It’s having a distinctive negative on people’s ability to organize.”
The Women’s March demonstrators are now tentatively planning on protesting at the National Mall.


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